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Morgan House Inventory Project

The Morgan House is filled with the treasures of yesteryear. The furniture, fine china, and gadgets from the 19th century are all part of the setting that takes the visitor back in time to Oshkosh at the turn of the century. When people generously donate items to the society, steps are taken to document all of the artifacts.

It’s a monumental but important job the society does of cataloging and documenting all of the items it has. The society’s goal is to take the fragmented paper catalog and make it a comprehensive electronic one and update all of the information in the process. This takes time, patience, and help from our dedicated volunteers.

Each item needs to be thoroughly examined, documented, photographed, and then added to our PastPerfect catalog program on the computer. It sounds daunting, but a group of dedicated, history-loving volunteers enjoys the work they do. The WCHAS would like to recruit YOU to help! Pick how YOU would like to help. Help by entering data into the computer. If you don’t know how to use PastPerfect, No problem! Project leaders can show you step-by-step how to use it and enter the data. If technology is not one of your strengths, volunteers who can provide detailed information and value of the artifacts are vital to this project. There are plenty of other ways for you to help, too.

Getting involved in local history is fun! Why not get involved with the WCHAS today!? If you are interested in helping with the Morgan House inventory project and want to learn more you can email us or call us.

2017 Mini-Grant Award

The Wisconsin Historical Society and Wisconsin Council for Local History are pleased to announce that 25 affiliated local historical societies received a total of $12,506 through the 2017 mini-grant program. The Wisconsin Council for Local History administers the mini-grant program, which is funded by an endowment managed by the Wisconsin Historical Foundation.

The Winnebago County Historical & Archaeological Society has received a mini-grant to support the purchase of archival storage.

This year’s affiliate mini-grant program focused on projects and activities that strengthen a local organization’s ability to preserve historical collections and manage those collections and other resources. The projects supported in part by the mini-grant program are an important part of the work done by local organizations to help collect and preserve our state’s history at the community level.

The Wisconsin Historical Society’s Field Services Program provides support and educational opportunities to local history groups throughout the state. The Wisconsin Historical Society also partners with the Wisconsin Council for Local History, a non-profit organization consisting of all historical organizations affiliated with the State Society that promotes communication and cooperation among local history groups.

For more information about the Wisconsin Historical Society and the Wisconsin Council for Local History, visit

For more information about the mini-grant program, contact Southern Field Services Representative Rick Bernstein at (608) 264-6583, or Northern Field Services Representative Janet Seymour at (715) 836-2250,